Monday, December 08, 2008


Christmas 2001 «A COOPI campaign of solidarity / The Kids of Bucharest Project»

Studiodue both financed and supported – in collaboration with Schio Municipal Council – a tangible event aimed at collecting funds to be used to help give back a sense of dignity and hope to the Kids of Bucharest.
The charity show – which was held at the Palazzetto Don Bosco on 9 December 2001 – was performed by Saeed, the mime artist, with a special appearance by Miloud Oukili, winner of the UNICEF 2000 prize.
The international press has spread the word regarding the work of this French-Algerian who has for years been involved with the “invisible” kids of Bucharest, big and small, on the streets and in the underground canals of the city. As far as the authorities are concerned these kids don’t exist, but Oukili is attempting to give them back their identity by teaching them the art of the circus performer. For further information on the activities of COOPI and the Kids of Bucharest Project

Scroll the page to find pictures of significant moments during the celebration. We would like to thank our clients and collaborators who were enthusiastic in their support and who took part in the event on the day.
A red nose against indifference
The Kids of Bucharest Project



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